For the past few years Emma Walsh worked with livestock as a contract worker but after too many moments covered in ‘cow poo’ she has opted for a life behind the wheel, writes Chris McCullough.

Emma said: “Although I don’t come from a strong farming background I always liked the countryside and the farms.

“Dad had a small property and I joined the local Young Farmers Club which involved a lot of exhibiting animals at the farm shows.

“I started to work more and more with livestock but didn’t really enjoy being covered in and smelling of cow poo all that much.

“After a few years working with livestock I started preferring the arable side of farming and the machinery that is involved with the sector.

“It wasn’t long before I started driving the tractors and got a job on a local farm in Kent.

“I would much rather be covered in oil than cow poo,” she said.

Emma now works for JPF Farms in Kent and can usually be found behind the wheel of a 2012 John Deere 7530 tractor, which she adores.

In fact she likes driving the John Deere more than having expensive jewellery.

“Whoever said diamonds are a girl’s best friend never had a John Deere,” laughed Emma.

“The JD 7530 model I drive is the best tractor in the fleet. When I started driving for the company some of the older male drivers were a bit apprehensive about a girl driving tractors.

“However, now they are superb. They are great workmates and would do anything to help me if I needed them.

“People see me as more than just a woman driver these days and that is great.

“My dad works on a local farm and we go there to carry out some contracting. He is very proud when I am there working alongside him.”

Single Emma also says with some tractor driving experience behind her at home she would consider working overseas on large farms.

“There are quite a few tractor driving jobs available overseas particularly in the USA, Australia and New Zealand,” said Emma.

“The criteria states applicants for some of the jobs have to be 20 years old so I have only a year to wait.

“It would be a great opportunity for me to increase my skills and doing some travelling at the same time,” she added.