Jordan said his stepdad Jon Webb, himself an ex-Junior world champion, has been a real influence in getting him into the sport he took an instant shine to last year.

Jordan shoots every weekend throughout Kent and did his first ‘Young Guns’ day at Greenfields last year at just 13, achieving ‘high gun’ of the day, despite being up against 16 year olds. This summer Jordan entered his first championship competition and won both Kent all rounder and Kent sporting colt championships.

Kent Wool Growers Managing Director, Peter Holmes said: “It’s a real pleasure to give Jordan some extra encouragement to help him achieve his dream.”

Jordan will be sponsored by KWG over the coming months and hopes the extra support will see him competing well in the forthcoming Essex Masters and CPSA shoots. Jordan is a regular visitor to the recently refurbished gun room in Ashford, now open all day Saturday, so if you see him in the store say hi and wish him luck.

Pictured: KWG’s Ashford gun room team with 14 year old Jordan Todd