Yelpsa Ltd of Aspley Farms will use the funding from HSBC for its AD bio methane grid plant, which will capture CO2 to use in the food and beverage industry. This plant will provide about 2.5% of the UK’s liquefied CO2 daily usage.

To support Yelpsa’s expansion, HSBC has provided an £10 million loan to support the company’s AD and biomethane expansion, and an additional £1.5 million has been supplied for the development of the new CO2 plant. A £1.5 million overdraft and working capital facility was also set up to help the business with the smooth running of its operations.

Yelpsa’s owner, Henry du Val de Beaulieu, has described how he transformed his farm into an innovative and profitable business in South East Farmer. “Transforming the farm into an economically viable business has been a long journey,” he said. “We started from nothing so to be in the position we are now, with one of the largest on farm anaerobic digestion plants in Europe, is a fantastic achievement. We have every intention to continue expanding the farm and create more jobs for the community.”

Yelpsa is a 1,050 acre farming operation near Andover and, until five years ago, the business farmed arable crops of wheat, spring barley and seed rape in a tight rotation. However, due to decreasing margins the owners decided to invest in an AD plant and farm for energy. The farm now produces three products – electricity, heat and fertiliser. With the new HSBC funded plant, CO2 will soon be added to this portfolio, which is currently a waste product on the farm.

Pictured: Henry du Val de Beaulieu