They recently visited McBean’s, East Sussex for a guided tour of the orchid growing areas and the opportunity to learn more on orchid cultivation from the seasoned growers.

Founded in 1879, McBean’s remains one of the most famous names in orchid hybridization and the recipients of countless awards for Cymbidium and Odontoglossum breeding. They are specialist orchid growers with a long and distinguished history, which also incorporated the renowned Charlesworth odontoglossum.

The floristry students had a very informative tour and a stimulating lecture about the botany and history of the orchid family from the Head nurseryman.

Steph Willoughby, head of floristry at Plumpton College said, “We have linked this visit in our classroom lectures about botany and related aspects. We thank McBean’s for their generosity in arranging this visit and providing a stimulating visit to enhance the classroom experiences of the students. The Floristry team pride itself on making the courses enjoyable and fun as well as hard work, with visits to New Covent Garden, local wholesalers, nurseries and often to the bulb fields of Holland where possible.”