On Wednesday 23 March Farmers For Action (FFA) are proposing to walk through the streets of London in a bid to raise awareness for the plight of dairy farmers, ending in Hyde Park where a letter will be delivered to prime minister David Cameron on behalf of the farming community.

In a statement, head of FFA, David Handley, said: “This is your opportunity to come to London and tell Mr Cameron and his government British farming is prepared to fight for its survival. We strongly believe there are a number of things this government could do to ease the situation in many sectors.

“All the relevant documentation to gain permission for the above March has now been submitted to the authorities. The current date being considered is Wednesday March 23 2016.

“As you will all appreciate this is a massive undertaking and a lot of patience from you all is going to be required. It is a busy time for most farmers but if you could ask a friend or relative to represent you, that would be absolutely fine.If you could also contact the businesses that supply your farming requirements, if they would be prepared to financially sponsor a coach from your area. This will help and we will obviously promote their business on the day.”

Mole Valley Farmers have already agreed to help with the event by providing a coach service from each of their UK branches.