The three-year tenures will start from January 2019, shortly after Hayley Campbell-Gibbons begins her new role as chair of the AHDB Horticulture Sector Board.

The available positions cover all six sector panels, with specialisms sought in a range of crops including herbs, shrubs and culinary apples.

Martin Evans, AHDB Horticulture interim chair and field vegetable panel chair, said: “The crop sector panels have an important role to help guide AHDB in tackling some of the critical issues affecting our industry.”

To ensure new generations take up leadership roles, AHDB invests in schemes such as the two-year LSA Charitable Trust Fellowship, which aims to develop skills and industry knowledge for aspiring professionals.

Martin continued: “We need new thinking and new ideas to come in and make positive change. The panels are the best way for AHDB to engage with the industry on what their priorities should be and how we can channel the levy monies to greatest benefit for all growers.”

James Moffatt, James Coles & Sons Nurseries, joined the Hardy Nursery Stock Panel in 2017: “I’ve been involved with the industry for over 20 years and in that time I have read many pieces of AHDB literature or gone to AHDB events which I have found useful. The last two years I’ve been involved with an AHDB project which was challenging and informative and thought it would be good to be more involved.

“It’s good to know the challenges that face the industry and hopefully I can have some input in trying to solve one or two of them.”

Panel members play a critical role in assessing new research project proposals and determining the strategy for the commissioning of future work.

Existing panel members can seek nomination for a second three-year term but no member may serve more than two consecutive three-year terms.

The deadline for applications is 31 October 2018 and can be made online:

Pictured: James Moffatt

Current positions available:



Field Vegetables

Legumes (Peas & Beans)


Bulb onions

Production in the East (inc.Organic)

Hardy Nursery Stock

Heathers and Alpines

Shrubs and climbers – (two vacancies)

Herbaceous perennials, alpines and grasses

Protected Edibles and Mushrooms




Protected Ornamentals & Bulbs and Outdoor Flowers


Protected cut flowers

Bedding plants (pack and pot grown)

Tree Fruit

Tree fruit production – South East

Culinary Apples

Soft Fruit

Soft fruit production – Scotland

Soft fruit production – Kent