Farmers and veterinary professionals have only a few days to complete a government survey on labour shortages in the sectors, which will assess the problem and understand the main shortfall in the supply.

The Government launched the survey on Friday 12 November, with the closing date on Thursday 18 November. The survey is designed to collect accurate and representative data on the current state of the labour market in key sectors of the UK economy. This data will then be used to assess the extent to which the supply of labour meets demand and to understand the main drivers behind any labour shortage.

Dairy farmers are urged to fill in the 10-minute survey to highlight the labour issue in the sector. RABDF Managing Director Matt Knight said: “Labour shortage has been an issue in the dairy sector for several years now. It is currently on the Government’s radar, making now the most critical time to highlight the issue by completing their survey.

“If we don’t speak up now, we can’t expect to see any help from the Government in resolving the labour shortage issue in the dairy sector,” Mr Knight added.

The survey is completely anonymous and can be accessed at