Collecting the turkey from the farm is a special moment in many families’ preparations and customers who have ordered a turkey have the opportunity to collect their birds from Springate Farm at Danbury, Essex from 8am on Tuesday December 23 through the night until 5pm on Wednesday December 24.

“We like to make collecting the turkey a really special occasion for families who often bring their children to join in the festive mood – but if you just don’t have the time you’ll now be able to come when you choose through the night,” said Paul Kelly.
Paul will be on hand himself through the early hours, staying awake to help customers fly through the gates and collect their Christmas birds with ease. “For some this will mean no more taking time away from work or arranging for friends or family to pick up their Christmas turkey,” he added.

This innovative service is to celebrate the 30th birthday of the KellyBronze turkey, first sold to the public in 1984 on the reintroduction of bronze-feathered birds to the UK and going on to win a succession of awards as the premium traditional bird.

To celebrate this achievement, Kelly Turkeys are supplying specially reared birds to the first 30 people who ordered a Christmas turkey when order books opened on October 1.
Paul and his family have reared a signature flock, chosen from the first hatch of the season, grown on woodland, and fed on a blend of naked oats, flaked maize and wild nettles to give an extra creamy finish and flavour.