Doggy day care looking for new sites

News Posted 30/04/21
Bruce's Doggy Day Care looks to expand with more rural sites.

Industry leading doggy day care company Bruce’s is on the lookout for new sites across the UK offering a unique opportunity for farmers and landowners to diversify their revenue streams through new, long-term tenant relationships.

Bruce’s business model of renting large open green space from willing landowners was established in 2008 at their first centre in Surrey on an unused five-acre field of low-grade farmland formerly used for grazing cattle. Farmland that is underutilised or is suitable for an alternative use is perfect for Bruce’s, who in return pay rent to the landowner and create one of their multi award-winning doggy day care centres. The centres operate like children’s nurseries where the land is divided into smaller spaces or ‘classes’ for the dogs to spend their time based on size, age and personality where they can freely exercise and play.

Dog ownership has skyrocketed throughout the last few years, with more puppies than ever signing up for Bruce’s doggy day care centres. The increase in the number of puppies bought and adopted in the UK during lockdown presents a very real concern as to what could occur once restrictions ease, and we return to schools and offices. Recognising this increased demand for doggy day care, Bruce’s is keen to develop new sites throughout the UK to support dogs and dog owners, simultaneously developing strong landlord-tenant relationships and providing landowners with a diverse, non-seasonal and reliable income stream.

Ed Daniell, Head of Property at Bruce’s adds, “Demand for doggy day care is on the up and with the recent puppy boom it is only set to increase. As we continue to explore new sites to expand to meet this rising demand, we have recognised the unique benefits that farmland locations offer for the dogs. This sits well alongside the current focus on new and alternative income streams that farmers and landowners are looking to explore to counterbalance the reduction in subsidies. It’s a perfect match and we are keen to speak to landowners of all sizes to discuss the possibility of establishing a new site on their land.”

To discuss the suitability of a Bruce’s Doggy Day Care centre on your land, please contact Ed Daniell, Head of Property, on 07840 379618 or email

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