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Study shows how consumers define sustainability

News Last edited 17/09/14
A study has revealed how farmers and consumers throughout the globe differ in their understanding of sustainable agriculture.

Bringing beef cattle through the winter

News Last edited 17/09/14
Preparing for your livestock’s seasonal housing needs.

MEP demands EU help for dairy farmers hit by Russia trade ban

News Last edited 17/09/14
Liberal Democrat MEP Catherine Bearder has called on the European Commission to step in and help dairy farmers hit by Russian ban on agricultural products from the EU.

New dairy parliamentary group launched in Westminster

News Last edited 10/09/14
Members from both Houses of Parliament and across the political spectrum have formed a new Dairy All Party Parliamentary Group.

Worms are the answer

News Last edited 09/09/14
Concern is growing that food supplies would run out in days without imports. Despite more efficient use of fertilisers and the advantages of modern technology, crop yields have stagnated over the past 20 years and UK self-sufficiency is the lowest for nearly two decades. According to recent research this could be a serious indication that our soil is worn out.

Three quarters of dairy farmers feeding contaminated rations

News Last edited 09/09/14
Dairy farmers are potentially risking their cows’ health, fertility and production by inadvertently feeding rations containing mycotoxins and bacteria, according to new research.

Call for more responsible use of antibiotics

News Last edited 08/09/14
Responsible use of Medicines in Agriculture Alliance (RUMA) has published a wide-ranging position paper on antibiotic resistance and antibiotic use in livestock.

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