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CLA praises council for ban on dangerous sky lanterns

News Last edited 14/10/14
CLA South East has welcomed news that Hampshire County Council has banned the use of sky lanterns on Council-owned land with immediate effect, and that the Council is urging schools and other local authorities in the county to now follow suit.

Countdown till Christmas begins as farmers prepare trees for competition

News Last edited 14/10/14
Over 100 growers will take part in the national competition organised by the British Christmas Tree Growers’ Association on Thursday 23rd October in Oxfordshire.

Kent Farm creates 15 full time jobs

News Last edited 13/10/14
Kent’s largest top fruit grower A C Goatham & Son has today announced a £8m investment at Flanders Farm, Hoo which will create an estimated 15 Full Time jobs and in excess of 200 seasonal / part time jobs over the next 2 years.

Farmer wants data on sheep dip

News John Harvey Last edited 03/10/14
Hampshire sheep farmer Robin Casson wants to set up a data base of all those who were exposed to organophosphate (OP) sheep dip.

Live exports continue from Kent

News Alice Dyer Last edited 03/10/14
In March, the Port of Ramsgate in Kent returned to the export of live animals using the ferry Jolene.

EU sanctions hit UK fruit growers

News John Harvey Last edited 03/10/14
European Union sanctions on Russia have “screwed” the market for English top fruit producers.

Safaris booming on farming estate

News John Harvey Last edited 03/10/14
Wildlife safaris are being run on a West Sussex estate which has turned conventional farming into the largest private rewilding project in lowland Europe.

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