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Expanding, protecting and improving our woodlands

News Last edited 20/07/20
The launch of the England Tree Strategy consultation document has been welcomed by the Country Land & Business Association (CLA).

EBV work goes in-house

News Last edited 20/07/20
Charolais breeders across the South East are being urged to supply performance information to the Charolais Society after it took all its recording work in house.

Wholesale shakeup long overdue

News Malcolm Triggs Last edited 20/07/20
A prominent South East dairyman believes a wholesale shakeup of the industry is long overdue, and is hoping a recently announced government-led consultation will prove to be the catalyst.

41st LEAF demonstration farm

News Last edited 30/06/20
Nonington Farms becomes latest Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Farming.

Strong market for specialist fleeces

News Malcolm Triggs Last edited 22/06/20
While wool prices have plunged this year, with the result that many sheep farmers are likely to be significantly out of pocket after paying the shearing bill, there is still a strong market for specialist fleeces.

Tackling slugs in commercial crops

News Last edited 22/06/20
Micro-chipped slugs have shown that the common pest and farmers’ nemesis doesn’t stray far from its home.

Tips for preparing a successful Countryside Stewardship grant scheme application

News Last edited 09/06/20
Don’t miss out on the opportunity to apply for grant funding via the Countryside Stewardship grant scheme.

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