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Reliable source of overseas labour

News Malcolm Triggs Last edited 16/08/21
Growers across the South East had the workforce they needed to harvest this year’s crops.

Standards revealed

News Malcolm Triggs Last edited 16/08/21
Revised Red Tractor standards have been revealed after a consultation the food assurance scheme says involved more than 3,000 pieces of feedback.

Dairy herd set to be axed

News Malcolm Triggs Last edited 16/08/21
Hadlow College’s decision to axe its dairy herd and replace it with a beef cattle enterprise as part of “a wider regenerative farming strategy” has come in for criticism.

£1.25 million investment in pioneering crop waste research facility

News Last edited 13/08/21
The Eastern AgriTech Innovation Hub, a specialist Soham-based crop and food waste research centre, has completed a £1.25 million upgrade of its facilities, including investment in growing facilities, green technology and power production.

Risk warning for pop-up campsite trend on South East farms

News Last edited 03/08/21
Agricultural expert urges South East farmers with pop-up campsites to ‘tread carefully’ as they face a ‘risk minefield’

Don’t fall victim to the ‘invisible killer’

News Last edited 02/08/21
Skin cancer from solar UV radiation is a growing risk, says UK safety expert Arco .

Stay safe this harvest

News Last edited 26/07/21
The latest farming industry fatality figures from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) should serve as a stark reminder to farmers as harvest approaches, cautions a leading industry safety expert.

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