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Doggy day care looking for new sites

News Last edited 30/04/21
Bruce's Doggy Day Care looks to expand with more rural sites.

Shearers allowed to enter UK

News Last edited 30/04/21
Overseas shearers welcome and Covid-19 guidance published for shearers.

Port of Tilbury’s grain terminal silo rebuild gets underway

News Last edited 30/04/21
Major building work is underway at the UK’s largest grain terminal at the Port of Tilbury following a fire* in 2020 which damaged its grain silos.

UK-wide free testing of farm rodenticide resistance status

News Last edited 30/04/21
Farmers UK-wide are being called upon to help create a more accurate national picture of resistance to rodenticides in rats and mice.

£30 million redevelopment

News Malcolm Triggs Last edited 26/04/21
A £30m redevelopment aimed at improving productivity, boosting crop profitability and generating new skilled jobs is underway at NIAB EMR at East Malling in Kent.

Pigs need cash injection

News Last edited 26/04/21
With the Government itself pointing out that pig farmers’ incomes have fallen by 87% over the past year, an Essex breeder has joined calls for a Covid-19 support package to be provided.

Red tape could leave fruit unpicked

News Malcolm Triggs Last edited 26/04/21
While fruit growers are again facing a staffing crisis, South East Farmer has been told that new recruitment agencies are being prevented from working efficiently by government red tape.

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