DeltaMole pour on provides protection against biting and nuisance flies and biting and sucking lice in cattle for up to eight to 10 weeks.

DeltaMole adds to the array of fly control products on offer as part of the MoleCare family of medicines which already includes MoleEcto sheep pour on.

Mole Valley Farmers senior product manager, Trevor Frost, says all of the own product ranges have been designed to give high quality at a competitive, every day price.
“As with all our own brand products, they are produced by a leading animal health company, but because they are own brand, we are able to pass back considerable savings to farmers,” he says.

The long acting properties and competitive pricing of DeltaMole means it could work out up to 50% cheaper than alternative fly control products on the market.
Mr Frost says it’s important for farmers to plan ahead and treat cattle before flies become troublesome.

“Good fly control will reduce the chance of summer mastitis and pink eye in cattle and also reduce the nuisance often caused by flies in the parlour,” he says.
To ensure effective control, correct application of any fly control product is crucial. As a result, farmers can also buy a DeltaMole MoleCare 30 millilitre pour on applicator from Mole Valley Farmers.