Elanco offers up free piglet E. coli testing

Livestock Posted 12/05/21
In order to help tackle the issue of Post Weaning Diarrhoea (PWD) caused by E. coli in piglets, Elanco is offering farmers free diagnostic testing to identify the bacterial strain and allow for appropriate vaccination.

Prof. Frédéric Vangroenweghe, Elanco principal technical adviser, explains that farmers should access the testing service through their vet practice, who can then prescribe and advise on the appropriate vaccination if necessary.

“With the European zinc oxide ban approaching, the most viable option for PWD control is vaccination. But, for this to be effective and lead to increased productivity, a positive diagnosis of the cause should be obtained.” he says.

“All you need to do is request a test from your vet at the first onset of PWD, which typically occurs in the first three weeks after weaning. If you have a positive test for the F4 or F18 strain of E. coli, it’s likely this will remain or increase in future batches of piglets.”

To effectively prevent against the disease while promoting gut health, Prof. Vangroenweghe recommends administering the Coliprotec® vaccine through drinking water. “This vaccination has been shown to help reduce reliance on antibiotics and should alleviate the requirement of zinc oxide in feed,” he says.

To request your free on farm test, speak to your vet. For further information, please visit www.myelanco.co.uk/pub/coliprotec-vaccine-guide

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