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Switch to conventional parlour boosts herd health

Livestock Last edited 30/06/21
Robotic milking is often hailed as the future of dairy farming, but it doesn't suit every system - and conventional parlours can produce better results.

Red tape or golden opportunity?

Livestock Last edited 21/06/21
Making the most of beef health planning writes Ami Sawran BVSc CertAVP PhD MRCVS, Westpoint Chelmsford.

Boost calf daily live weight gain this summer with ad-lib feeding

Livestock Last edited 07/06/21
Dairy farmers are being advised to consider ad-lib feeding this summer to boost dairy heifer calf growth and lifetime yield potential.

Ram fertility and tupping

Livestock Last edited 24/05/21
By Andrew Richmond BVM&S MRCVS, Westpoint Horsham.

Change one thing to improve parasite control

Livestock Last edited 21/05/21
Beef and dairy producers are being urged to change their approach to parasite control as part of a new campaign to help livestock farmers move towards a sustainable, best practice approach.

Elanco offers up free piglet E. coli testing

Livestock Last edited 12/05/21
In order to help tackle the issue of Post Weaning Diarrhoea (PWD) caused by E. coli in piglets, Elanco is offering farmers free diagnostic testing to identify the bacterial strain and allow for appropriate vaccination.

Effective parasite control crucial for a successful grazing season

Livestock Last edited 12/05/21
As cattle are turned out to grass, farmers are being reminded of the crucial importance of an effective parasite control strategy.

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