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Keen to purchase quality stock

Livestock Last edited 02/01/19
This report is being written just before the first Christmas poultry sales of 2018 in the week of the Colchester Prime Stock Show at the livestock market.

Early-warning system for lame cattle in future

Livestock Last edited 21/12/18
Farmers in the future could have a special early-detection system for lameness in cattle, thanks to a new technique developed by the University of Essex and Writtle University College.

Mastitis and milk quality myths dispelled

Livestock Last edited 26/11/18
Over the last decade or so that I have been in practice I, like many farm vets, have heard the same statements and questions regarding mastitis and milk quality, writes David Anderson, Westpoint Farm Vets.

Get cows eating to maximise fertility

Livestock Last edited 14/12/18
The importance of keeping cows eating around calving to maximise fertility was one of the key take home messages from the recent Mole Valley Farmers Lifetime Dairy Conference.

Poultry farmers urged to prepare for winter Avian Flu threat

Livestock Last edited 27/11/18
The Chief Veterinary Officers across the UK are encouraging all poultry keepers to take action now to reduce the risk of disease over the winter.

New products for changing markets

Livestock Last edited 15/11/18
In a step to address the changing requirements of livestock farmers, Crystalyx, a feed block supplier, has developed two new products; Crystalyx Sheep Beet Balancer and Crystalyx Beet Balancer, formulated to specifically balance diets high in brassicas and fodder beet.

What to do with your pumpkin now Halloween is over…

Livestock Last edited 13/11/18
Don’t throw your Halloween pumpkin away - it could make a yummy animal treat!

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