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Remote monitoring can play a key role

Livestock Last edited 07/05/20
How remote monitoring can play a key role in poultry production during these challenging times and going forward.

Increased risk of cocci in calves around turnout

Livestock Last edited 06/05/20
Coccidiosis causing oocysts can build up during the housed period, increasing the risk of both beef and dairy calves contracting the disease as spring progresses.

Buckingham farmer rewarded for top feed efficiency

Livestock Last edited 24/04/20
Mark Wood’s keen eye for the detail was rewarded.

Spot the difference

Livestock Last edited 22/04/20
Amid much unpredictability, one farmer's evidence of certainty for South East fellows

Five steps to improving hygiene

Livestock Last edited 15/04/20
Simple steps to improving hygiene can significantly reduce the spread of diseases on farm.

Early and prolonged fly season expected

Livestock Last edited 27/03/20
Farmers should be prepared to protect their stock from flies earlier this year with the mild weather expected to increase fly numbers and prolong the season, a leading biologist is warning.

Real-time data key to optimising bird performance

Livestock Last edited 27/03/20
A decline in either food and water consumption can dictate health and performance issues within a flock.

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