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New vaccine to help tackle Mycoplasma Bovis

Livestock Last edited 16/07/19
A new import vaccine could offer a cost-effective option to protect against Mycoplasma Bovis, with trials now under way on four dairy farms.

British sourced options will help offset the high cost of protein

Livestock Last edited 11/07/19
Consider alternative feeding strategies to reduce the cost of rations.

Watch out for surge of headflies from mid-July

Livestock Last edited 11/07/19
Farmers are warned to look out for the annual emergence of head flies (Hydrotaea irritans) from around mid-July, as these are a major source of annoyance for pastured cattle.

Overcome butterfat drops

Livestock Last edited 04/06/19
Buffer feeding a TMR could help overcome butterfat drops during the grazing season.

Initiative launched to get British bees buzzing

Livestock Last edited 03/06/19
Farmer-owned dairy cooperative launches Project Pollinator as part of Arla UK 360 research and development programme.

New Entrant backs British Wool support scheme

Livestock Last edited 09/05/19
The British Wool scheme launched last year, designed to support producers who have recently entered the industry has been launched once again ahead of the 2019 season.

First blowfly strike cases of 2019 reported

Livestock Last edited 09/05/19
The first cases of blowfly strike in 2019 has been reported in several locations in the UK.

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