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Practical tips to help livestock farmers turn over a new leaf

Livestock Last edited 17/12/14
To help farmers thinking about changing the way they manage their grassland in 2015, Barenbrug has come up with five simple steps designed to help improve fields, pastures and paddocks.

Show is backdrop to livestock industry

Livestock Last edited 06/11/14
This year’s Ashford Cattle Show is on 1-2 December and finishes with the annual dinner.

Heatwave puts piggery ventilation systems under pressure

Livestock Last edited 08/08/14
With temperatures recently hitting peaks of up to 32oC (90oF) inside piggeries, ventilation systems have been tested to their limits, says an environmental specialist. These temperatures have exposed a lack of maintenance as the major cause of poor performance.

Cobalt deficiency contributing to poor lamb growth

Livestock Last edited 08/08/14
Despite an exceptional year for grass growth, technicians are warning that cobalt deficiency is threatening to limit lamb growth rates.

Making the most of wholecrop forages is new challenge for high-yielding Berkshire dairy herd

Livestock Last edited 08/08/14
Meeting the strict demands of a milk contract that imposes restrictions on the ingredients used in cow rations, has meant even greater emphasis on the quality of grass and wholecrop forages in the TMR mix fed to the 250 cows at Farley Farms, Reading, Berkshire.

A new approach to foot bathing

Livestock Last edited 08/08/14
With targets to reduce national flock lameness to 5% by 2015, Progiene have launched a new footbath solution to the sheep market.

Get on top of flying insects in the parlour to avoid disease spread

Livestock Last edited 08/08/14
High numbers of flying insects caused by the extended warm summer spell is putting livestock, and in particular dairy cattle, at increased risk of disease

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