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Strong sterling sucks in imports

Livestock Last edited 16/06/15
May has been a month of very contrasting returns in the livestock market. Store cattle, cull cows, calves and cull ewes have all remained very strong, but prime beef, prime lamb, hoggets and milk lambs, and pigs have been nothing short of awful.

Pig trade under severe pressure

Livestock Last edited 16/06/15
Following last month’s pessimistic report there was little to enthuse vendors or buyers in the following month. But at least livestock markets provided competition and we were pleased to see vendors returning from deadweight selling to sell at markets, although it is so frustrating when it only seems to happen as a last resort.

Recruiting drive for pasture fed livestock

Livestock Last edited 22/06/15
Kent beef and sheep farmers are being asked to sign up to the Pasture Fed Livestock Association (PFLA).

Fly control pour on for cattle

Livestock Last edited 16/06/15
Mole Valley Farmers has launched a new long acting cattle fly control pour on in their range of own brand medicines.

Are farmers that sell direct to supermarkets distorting the market?

Livestock Last edited 18/05/15
Farmers selling direct to supermarkets are distorting the market and threatening prices says the Livestock Auctioneers Association.

Creep feed suckler calves or risk extended finishing and higher costs

Livestock Last edited 13/02/15
Failing to creep feed suckler calves can substantially cut performance and profitability, claims KW nutritionist Sean Roddy, with finishing times extended by up to six weeks and significantly increased lifetime feed requirements.

Local vet services must not be disadvantaged under new bTB testing delivery regime

Livestock Last edited 17/02/15
Changes to the way bovine TB testing is delivered in England should not result in farmers having to pay towards testing costs if they want to keep using their own vets, the NFU said yesterday.

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