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Beef farmers advised about the risks of straw impaction

Livestock Last edited 07/03/19
Reports of cows dying from straw impaction is highlighting the risks associated with feeding straw-based rations to suckler cows.

Lambs at risk from nematodirus earlier this year

Livestock Last edited 07/03/19
The sudden increase in temperatures in February puts earlier-born lambs at risk from nematodirus, warns the Sustainable Control of Parasites in Sheep (SCOPS) group.

Reduce feed waste to help silage stocks last until turnout

Livestock Last edited 01/03/19
Dairy farmers facing silage shortages ahead of turnout should take steps to reduce feed waste and achieve more from available feed.

Liver fluke control needs targeted approach

Livestock Last edited 25/02/19
Understanding of the biology is necessary.

Monitor energy density of dairy rations

Livestock Last edited 26/02/19
The importance of monitoring energy density levels in dairy ration.

Feed efficiency key to reducing methane emissions

Livestock Last edited 25/02/19
Research shows significant impact of feed utilisation on methane emissions for grazing heifers.

Plan to vaccinate cattle against lungworm six weeks before turnout

Livestock Last edited 20/02/19
Farmers need to buy their vaccine now.

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