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Quarters – are they important for mastitis control?

Livestock Last edited 26/04/21
The new industry-led initiative for mastitis control is called QuarterPRO.

Make the most of high-quality grass this spring

Livestock Last edited 07/04/21
To make the most of the predicted high-quality spring grass, experts say careful management of cows at turnout will be key in maintaining productivity.

Looking ahead to Spring 2021

Livestock Last edited 01/02/21
Now is the perfect time to look ahead towards turnout and plan for the coming grazing season.

Efficient use of straw necessary this winter

Livestock Last edited 22/01/21
A shortage of straw across the country has left many livestock farmers wondering how to make the best use of their available stocks this winter.

A new standard for British Aberdeen-Angus beef

Livestock Last edited 14/12/20
With Brexit looming and a strong push from consumers to shop local and buy genuine British products, The Aberdeen-Angus Cattle Society has embarked on a major project in collaboration with IdentiGEN to assure the authenticity of British Aberdeen-Angus beef.

Maximising transition period with live yeast

Livestock Last edited 30/10/20
Dairy farmers are urged to consider a yeast supplement in transition cow diets to help mitigate the negative effects to the rumen that this stressful period causes.

Responsible use of medicines in youngstock management

Livestock Last edited 13/10/20
The term “responsible use” is frequently used, but what does it actually mean? asks Dr Tim Potter BVetMed PhD MRCVS, Senior Clinical Director, Westpoint Farm Vets.

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