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Push the potential of your swards this spring

Livestock Last edited 10/04/19
Feeding carbon to soil microbes could pay dividends this spring

Blowfly alert and tracker now live

Livestock Last edited 03/04/19
Alerting farmers to early blowfly threat.

Farmers could be losing money

Livestock Last edited 28/03/19
Survey highlights farmers could be losing money by not monitoring parasite risks.

UK sheep producers urged to protect lambs from spring disease threat

Livestock Last edited 20/03/19
Sheep pregnancy scanners across the UK have reported variable results over the winter.

Strong start for pig meat exports

Livestock Last edited 18/03/19
In 2018, the UK shipped a record total of 347,000 tonnes of pig meat.

£6m allocated to vets to contain cattle disease

Livestock Last edited 11/03/19
SRUC recruits 120 practices across England in BVD campaign.

Beef farmers advised about the risks of straw impaction

Livestock Last edited 07/03/19
Reports of cows dying from straw impaction is highlighting the risks associated with feeding straw-based rations to suckler cows.

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