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Cattle at risk of death as Lungworm cases spike

Livestock Last edited 13/10/21
Farmers should be alert for signs of lungworm in their cattle, with warm and wet weather seen in recent days expected to cause a spike in cases.

Badger vaccination underway

Livestock Last edited 11/10/21
A five-year project to vaccinate badgers against bovine TB is up and running in East Sussex.

Vets recommend new M. Bovis vaccine

Livestock Last edited 29/09/21
Vets across the UK have welcomed a new vaccine against Mycoplasma Bovis, with 95% of those surveyed recommending its use where the disease is present.

Christmas turkeys playing into French hands

Livestock Last edited 21/09/21
Some consumers will have no option than to buy a French turkey for Christmas if UK producers are unable to obtain enough labour for processing, warns Paul Kelly, managing director of Kelly Turkeys

Preventative foot trimming

Livestock Last edited 13/09/21
Prompt and effective treatment of lame cows has been proved to reduce the prevalence and impact of lameness in the herd says Westpoint Farm Vets.

Be proactive, not reactive

Livestock Last edited 16/08/21
With lambs weaned and cull ewes sorted, it’s time to start thinking ahead to next year’s lambing period.

High cost of freedom farrowing systems

Livestock Last edited 27/07/21
Pig Farmers will face millions in extra costs for installing new farrowing systems, according to a housing company.

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