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Plan to vaccinate cattle against lungworm six weeks before turnout

Livestock Last edited 20/02/19
Farmers need to buy their vaccine now.

Ensure energy needs are met for a successful lambing season

Livestock Last edited 30/01/19
With the lambing season upon us, sheep farmers are being asked to consider if they are supplying adequate energy to ensure the nutritional demands of the ewe are being met.

Surplus lamb health improvement opportunities

Livestock Last edited 21/01/19
Farmer feedback pinpoints surplus lamb health improvement opportunities.

Lameness in dairy cows

Livestock Last edited 02/01/19
Emily Craven of Westpoint Farm Vets asks how much lameness can, or should we, tolerate in a dairy cows?

New calculators available to help permitted pig and poultry farmers

Livestock Last edited 16/01/19
Pig and poultry farmers will soon be able to demonstrate compliance with new permitting rules, using two new, simple calculators, free of charge.

Fresh call to end live exports

Livestock Last edited 14/01/19
A haulier was forced to allow the 247 calves on board to rest after risk it would exceed the legal maximum transport time.

Search is on for country’s best rams

Livestock Last edited 14/01/19
Pedigree ram nominations open for fifth year of RamCompare.

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