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Think 50p for milk to turn around volumes

Livestock Last edited 12/04/22
Milk prices may well be at or over 40p for many producers, but if processors want to reverse the drop in milk volumes compared to last year and the medium-term average, another 5 to 10p will be required, calculates Kite Consulting.

Understand the impact of Schmallenberg virus on lambs

Livestock Last edited 05/04/22
Survey launched to understand impact of the rise in Schmallenberg virus on 2022 lambing season.

High quality grass silage stacks up

Livestock Last edited 05/04/22
With good grass silage value rising to £60 a tonne (and maybe even higher) dairy farmers can’t afford to make mediocre quality silage this season

Fly control in your animals

Livestock Last edited 28/03/22
By Sarah O’Reilly, Westpoint Farm Vets.

Vaccinate calves against lungworm before turnout

Livestock Last edited 15/02/22
Giving first season grazing calves a lungworm vaccine before turnout will protect them against potentially lethal disease.

Administer quarantine worming dose to all incoming sheep

Livestock Last edited 15/02/22
Sheep farmers are being advised that all incoming stock, including sheep returning from winter grazing, should be quarantined and dosed with one of the newer wormer groups (eg Grp 4 Zolvix) to prevent resistant worms being brought onto the farm.

Take action to prevent Leptospirosis

Livestock Last edited 07/02/22
Farmers are being urged to protect herds against leptospirosis ahead of spring turnout, to reduce the risk of costly production and fertility losses.

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