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Be proactive, not reactive

Livestock Last edited 16/08/21
With lambs weaned and cull ewes sorted, it’s time to start thinking ahead to next year’s lambing period.

High cost of freedom farrowing systems

Livestock Last edited 27/07/21
Pig Farmers will face millions in extra costs for installing new farrowing systems, according to a housing company.

Preventing heat stress

Livestock Last edited 26/07/21
Take steps to prevent heat stress in animals, urges agricultural expert, as extreme heat warning issued by Met Office.

2021 registrations crucial for rare breeds’ survival

Livestock Last edited 26/07/21
Rare Breeds Survival Trust (RBST) is encouraging smallholders and farmers to ensure timely registration of their rare breed livestock and equines despite the disruption to shows and sales for a second year, to help safeguard the breeds’ futures.

Fly nuisance this summer could be costly

Livestock Last edited 26/07/21
As recent warm weather has caused fly populations to emerge and rapidly multiply, farmers need to make minimising grazing disturbance from flies a priority.

Keep vaccinations updated

Livestock Last edited 19/07/21
Housing can be a stressful time for cattle and farm teams, bringing with it a change in daily routine, diet and disease risk factors.

Test lambs for worms

Livestock Last edited 21/07/21
Warm weather causes spike in worm egg counts and risk to lamb growth rates.

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