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NSA astonished by detrimental impact of Australia deal on UK Farming

Livestock Last edited 23/12/21
National Sheep Association (NSA) is astonished by the continued dismissal by the Government of the detrimental impact the UK-Australia trade deal will have on UK Farming.

Q Fever – Heads in the sand?

Livestock Last edited 07/12/21
What would you say if I asked you about Q-fever? Asks Ian Roper BVetMed MRCVS.

Badger vaccination project ramps up

Livestock Last edited 07/12/21
With the badger vaccination season ending on November 30, more than 40 farmers and landowners met to find out more about how to get involved in the VESBA (Vaccinating East Sussex Badgers) project in 2022.

Pig sector needs to start transitioning away from zinc oxide

Livestock Last edited 22/11/21
The overarching message from a recent seminar was that producers need to start acting now.

Neonatal scours

Livestock Last edited 11/10/21
Calf scour (diarrhoea) is the most common disease in young calves and accounts for around 50% of all calf deaths.

Cattle at risk of death as Lungworm cases spike

Livestock Last edited 13/10/21
Farmers should be alert for signs of lungworm in their cattle, with warm and wet weather seen in recent days expected to cause a spike in cases.

Badger vaccination underway

Livestock Last edited 11/10/21
A five-year project to vaccinate badgers against bovine TB is up and running in East Sussex.

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