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Real-time data key to optimising bird performance

Livestock Last edited 27/03/20
A decline in either food and water consumption can dictate health and performance issues within a flock.

Feed more good quality colostrum

Livestock Last edited 24/01/20
Shepherds are being urged to feed newborn surplus lambs more good quality colostrum during the crucial first 24 hours of life because up to 80% of UK sheep producers may not be feeding enough.

Red mite infestations could affect your workers

Livestock Last edited 10/01/20
Egg producers are being encouraged to consider worker welfare when tackling red mite.

Commitment to UK lamb

Livestock Last edited 26/11/19
NSA welcomes Waitrose commitment to source all its lamb from UK producers by 2021.

Study finds multiple resistance to macrocyclic lactones in the sheep scab mite

Livestock Last edited 19/09/19
Careful use of injectable macrocyclic lactones (ML) for the control of sheep scab is vital if farmers wish to safeguard their use after new research indicates poor management, as well as resistance, are affecting their ability to work.

Pirbright grants licence for new foot-and-mouth disease vaccine

Livestock Last edited 04/09/19
The new vaccine is more stable than current foot-and-mouth disease vaccines.

Attention to detail when opening clamp key to minimising feed waste

Livestock Last edited 13/08/19
Farmers are being encouraged to pay close attention to detail when opening the clamp to minimise feed waste, maximise cow performance and bolster the bottom line.

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