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New products for changing markets

Livestock Last edited 15/11/18
In a step to address the changing requirements of livestock farmers, Crystalyx, a feed block supplier, has developed two new products; Crystalyx Sheep Beet Balancer and Crystalyx Beet Balancer, formulated to specifically balance diets high in brassicas and fodder beet.

What to do with your pumpkin now Halloween is over…

Livestock Last edited 13/11/18
Don’t throw your Halloween pumpkin away - it could make a yummy animal treat!

Farmers aim to end Britain’s obsession with large eggs

Livestock Last edited 13/11/18
Farmers are asking British consumers to eat a range of egg sizes rather than always reaching for a box of large.

New poultry red mite control brings bird welfare benefits

Livestock Last edited 13/11/18
A unique new poultry red mite control that will help improve bird welfare and minimise resistance issues, has been launched by Bayer.

New UK protein animal feed to hit the market

Livestock Last edited 13/11/18
A new UK source of rapeseed protein, billed as a cost effective, sustainable, and efficient alternative to soya, will be available on-farm from this autumn.

Maintain sugar levels throughout housed period

Livestock Last edited 13/11/18
In order to enhance rumen function, maximise feed efficiency, and drive productivity during the housed period, dairy farmers are advised to supplement rations with a suitable sugar source.

Farmers must make rodent control a priority

Livestock Last edited 12/11/18
This winter there will be more rodents on farms because of the unusually hot, dry summer says pest control expert David Reece, technical adviser to Lodi UK, the UK’s leading manufacturer of pest control products.

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