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Think carefully before utilising furloughed workers

Legal Last edited 30/04/20
MHA MacIntyre Hudson offers guidance on creating opportunities for furloughed labour during the picking season.

Company incorporation

Legal Last edited 29/04/20
Tim Turner, Senior Associate at Brachers looks at a shareholders’ agreement.

Employing friends and family

Legal Last edited 27/04/20
Getting things right from the start.

Where do I stand if I have been cut out of a Will?

Legal Last edited 02/04/20
By Emma Salmon, Solicitor, Whitehead Monckton.

Government knocks down barriers to productivity for tenant farmers

Legal Last edited 18/03/20
Government modernises agricultural tenancy law to make it fit for 21st century and plans to give tenant farmers more flexibility on how they run their business and when they retire.

Plotting your sale

Legal Last edited 28/02/20
The importance of a plan and clear instructions when selling plots of land.

Basic steps in making a will

Legal Last edited 28/01/20
Joshua Parton, solicitor at Whitehead Monckton takes a look at the basic steps involved in making a will and why it’s a good idea to seek professional legal assistance.

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