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Life at court since Covid-19

Legal Last edited 17/08/20
I am sure that anyone reading this is probably, by now, fed up with hearing about the changes that Covid-19 has made to everything we thought of as normal. If you are due to be in court over the coming months you would probably like to know how it is all going to work writes Melissa Markham, Associate Family and Collaborative Solicitor, Whitehead Monckton.

Stamp Duty Land Tax Break

Legal Last edited 20/07/20
What is Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT)?

Plan an LPA

Legal Last edited 22/06/20
Why farmers should have Lasting Powers of Attorney for property and financial affairs, writes Bekka Fuszard, Solicitor, Tax and Estate Planning at Whitehead Monckton.

Parental visits during lockdown

Legal Last edited 22/05/20
Coronavirus: Can a child leave their home for the purposes of contact with another parent? Sarah Brissenden, Solicitor, Whitehead Monckton answers.

Think carefully before utilising furloughed workers

Legal Last edited 30/04/20
MHA MacIntyre Hudson offers guidance on creating opportunities for furloughed labour during the picking season.

Company incorporation

Legal Last edited 29/04/20
Tim Turner, Senior Associate at Brachers looks at a shareholders’ agreement.

Employing friends and family

Legal Last edited 27/04/20
Getting things right from the start.

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