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Is red diesel on its way out?

Legal Last edited 05/04/22
Priscilla Hall, head of national law firm Clarke Willmott LLP’s Construction and Green Energy Teams outlines changes relating to red diesel.

Passing the torch

Legal Last edited 28/03/22
Is now the time to gift the family farm? Asks Christopher Eriksson-Lee, Partner, Brachers LLP.

Include incentive payments in telecoms rents

Legal Last edited 28/01/22
Early Completion Incentive Payments (ECIPs) should be considered when assessing rent for telecommunications mast leases, according to a County Court ruling.

Is Jeremy Clarkson on the right track?

Legal Last edited 07/12/21
Private wealth and succession planning for rural business owners writes Sarah Mannooch, Senior Associate , Brachers LLP.

Hiring seasonal workers

Legal Last edited 11/10/21
The importance of a Section 1 Statement, writes Abigail Brightwell, Associate, Brachers LLP.

New rules for spreading organic manure

Legal Last edited 22/09/21
Land and property professionals, Robinson & Hall, explain the new rules that have come into force on spreading of organic manure.

Stop worrying

Legal Last edited 26/04/21
Your rights when it comes to protecting your sheep, writes Sarah Webster, Partner and Head of Agriculture & Rural Business Team at Brachers LLP.

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