The multi-channel campaign with the primary objective of changing existing perceptions of yellow apples will launch with the creative proposition, ‘Hello, Yellow’ devised by integrated agency Kindred. Kicking off from mid-November activity will focus on getting the product into the hands of consumers via national sampling at key retailer locations nationwide.

Unlike its yellow apple counterparts, Opal® has a firm and juicy texture and the perfect balance of sweetness and acidity.

Nationwide sampling will be supported by social channels and PR to widen reach and drive conversation of this unique product. Consumers will be encouraged to try unique pairings, such as Opal® and chocolate, Opal® with pulled pork and brighten up recipes such as cheeseboards and desserts.

To date, Univeg has secured listings at over 1500 locations outlets nationwide including Waitrose, Morrison’s, Tesco, Co-op, Asda and Aldi from November to March. Opal plantations have been established in Norfolk, Hampshire, Hereford, Essex and Kent with currently 130,000 trees planted.

The delightful Opal is a distinctive yellow apple like no other with an attractive blush and russeted stem ‘halo’. Unlike its Golden Delicious cousin, Opal® combines a firm but juicy texture and a unique flavour; a perfect balance of sweetness and acidity making it ideal for savoury pairings and puddings. Aesthetically, Opal apples are an exciting addition to any fruit bowl.

The key points that differentiate Opal from other apple varieties are:

  • A unique crunch and flavour
  • UK grown
  • Non GMO
  • A truly unique appearance
  • Significantly less susceptible to bruising