A brand new variety of apple grown in Kent has been given its official name by a local resident. The apple, which is due to be exclusively stocked in Tesco stores next year, has been christened ‘The Kentish Kiss’ by Jacqui Lalley who won a competition run by the Tesco Extra store in Gillingham, and Avalon Produce Ltd. who supply Tesco with more than 20 different varieties of apples and pears.

The new name was chosen from hundreds of entries by Tesco Technical Manager and Apple Master John Worth and Chief Commercial Officer of Avalon Produce Ltd Michael Joyles and lucky Jacqui has won herself a brand new Apple watch.

John said: “On behalf of Tesco and Avalon Produce Ltd I would like to congratulate Jacqui on her win which, I’m sure, is a great honour. I hope she is looking forward to seeing the ‘Kentish Kiss’ in stores as much as we are.”

Michael added: “We are absolutely delighted with the name Kentish Kiss, which is perfect for the new apple variety. We hope Jacqui enjoys her new watch and would like to thank her for her creative entry.”