Vincent Reniers, who will be responsible for technical support and after-sales service in the UK, said: “Carolus strive to breed and cultivate the best fruit trees that will exceed growers’ expectations.” He explains that Carolus trees based in Niewerkerken in Belgium has a philosophy of being the best and he wants to bring this philosophy to the UK.

Vincent says that Carolus works with 26 full-time employed and between 45 to 85 temporary employees, producing on more than 120 hectares some 2 milion trees of more than 65 varieties of pear and apple trees and all kind of tree types. The company produces also rootstocks.

Mike Hutchinson says that this philosophy fits ideally with that of Hutchinsons who also strive to be the best in the arena of technical advice and agronomy for fruit growers. “We are good partners with a similar approach to business,” he says.

Pictured: Vincent Reniers of Carolus trees in Belgium seals the deal with Mike Hutchinson of Hutchinsons for them to become the sole UK agent for apple and pear trees.