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Minister rules out help for growers

Fruit John Harvey Last edited 05/11/14
Even before DEFRA rejected the European Union aid package, it was obvious ministers were not going to take up the offer.

System watches fruit ‘fall asleep’ and then keeps it there

Fruit Malcolm Triggs Last edited 03/10/14
Moving away from pears and focusing on dessert apples was the right decision for Kent grower Adrian Scripps Ltd, even though it has meant building additional controlled atmosphere stores to house the extra tonnage.

No wellies required

Fruit Sarah Calcutt Last edited 03/10/14
So the dress code is going to be different this year, no umbrellas, no rain macs and no wellies inside the pavilion thankfully.

New top fruit research outlined at Fruit Focus 2014

Fruit Last edited 07/08/14
New research and novel ways of funding it to improve the competitiveness of UK top and soft fruit growers came to the fore at Fruit Focus 2014.

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