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New season reveals best apple colour this century

Fruit Last edited 16/10/19
Most colourful crop this century following particularly warm days and cold nights in late August and early September.

Fruit grower expands its soft drinks range

Fruit Last edited 19/09/19
D C Williamson have launched an orange juice under their Barn Farm Drinks brand.

Orchard competition success

Fruit Last edited 12/08/19
AC Goatham & Son has won a number of first prizes in the East Kent Fruit Society Orchard growing competition 2019.

Capturing light

Fruit Victoria Rose Last edited 29/07/19
Touring Hutchinsons’ Enhanced Light Interception Orchard System in Kent.

New fungicide with a difference

Fruit Last edited 16/07/19
Soriale will help control scab in apples and pears. It works directly and indirectly, stimulating the plants own defence mechanism.

Kent producer set for record strawberry yield

Fruit Last edited 15/07/19
A local supplier is on course to deliver its highest ever yield of British strawberries thanks to a blossoming partnership with Aldi, the UK’s fifth largest supermarket.

Strawberry-picking robots

Fruit Last edited 11/07/19
Wimbledon fans, who consume 34 thousand kilos of strawberries every year, could one day get their strawberries picked by a small group of new robots, developed in Europe, that use photonics to detect a fruit, and are capable of gathering enough berries for the championships in less than a week.

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