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Tesco grants a Kentish kiss

Fruit Alice Dyer Last edited 18/11/15
A brand new variety of apple grown in Kent has been given its official name by a local resident.

Imaging can improve irrigation

NewsFruit John Harvey Last edited 05/10/15
Advanced imaging and precision tools are being used by scientists to help growers use less irrigation water to produce soft and tree fruit.

Soft fruit growers using more water

NewsFruit John Harvey Last edited 05/10/15
Soft fruit growers across the South East are facing potential cuts in their water availability as the government puts them under a licensing regime for the first time.

Rules changed for fruit growers

NewsFruit Last edited 03/08/15
Changes to a European Union rule on hedge and tree cutting will help fruit growers.

Top prizes for South East vineyards

Fruit Last edited 16/06/15
South East vineyards have carried off top prizes in the International Wine and Spirit Competition’s (IWSC) first northern hemisphere results of the year at the London Wine Fair, Olympia.

Breeding strawberries to take fewer inputs

Fruit Last edited 22/06/15
Scientists at East Malling Research in Kent are trying to find new strawberry varieties which use less inputs but provide better quality fruit.

Kent farm manager named top

Fruit Last edited 02/03/15
Goatham’s delight at Industry recognition for Production Manager

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