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Bardsley Farms and UNIVEG UK create a pioneering joint venture for topfruit

Fruit Last edited 01/08/16
Bardsley Farms and UNIVEG UK, part of Greenyard Foods, have formed an innovative joint venture in Kent.

Too ugly for supermarket shelves? Riverford will have them!

Fruit Last edited 01/08/16
Farmers and veg box pioneers, Riverford Organic Farmers, were offered six tonnes of organic lemons after the two major supermarkets they were destined for deemed them ‘unsuitable to meet retailer specification based on appearance’.

Labour is top priority says NFU

EventsFruit Alice Dyer Last edited 21/07/16
Following last month’s EU referendum, industry specialists met at this year’s Fruit Focus event to tell growers how they will be campaigning for UK agriculture and horticulture to ensure the best deal.

Tastiest soft fruit in Kent

Fruit Last edited 19/07/16
The Taste of Kent Awards 2017, organised by Produced in Kent, has officially begun.

Berry co-op has record breaking year

Fruit Last edited 31/05/16
Berry Gardens Growers Ltd had a record year in 2015, with its biggest ever turnover hitting £278million, an increase of 15.8% year on year.

Over 500 jobs available at Medway Farm

Fruit Last edited 31/03/16
Apple and pear grower AC Goatham & Son has over 500 seasonal jobs available and is now looking to recruit workers for the 2016 harvest, based largely in Medway and Swale.

Fruit fly can wipe out entire crops

Fruit Last edited 29/02/16
UK stone and soft fruit growers are being urged to take the threat of spotted winged drosophila fruit fly very seriously.

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