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Cuprokylt granted emergency approval in top fruit

Fruit Last edited 15/11/18
With wet weather setting in, a new emergency approval for Cuprokylt in apples and pears has been granted at a key time of the season for protection against Nectria canker.

New cold storage unit finished for 2018 harvest

Fruit Last edited 01/10/18
AC Goatham & Son has finished work on its new £2 million, 12 chamber cold store at Howt Green Farm, near Sittingbourne, Kent, ready to house the 2018 apple and pear harvest from the farm.

EU apple crop forecast does not tell full story

Fruit Last edited 23/08/18
A World Apple and Pear Association announcement revealed an increase in tonnes of EU-grown apples... but English Apples & Pears has advised that this is misleading and doesn't consider the global context behind the figures.

Fruit grower signs up to test raspberry harvesting robot system

Fruit Last edited 14/08/18
Innovative robots could soon be picking raspberries in the South East after a soft-fruit grower signed up to test a new harvesting system.

DROPSA project opens door to increased protection for the soft fruit industry

Fruit Last edited 27/07/18
The DROPSA project, which was recently completed, investigated means of managing the fruit fly, Drosophila suzukii, commonly known as spotted winged Drosophila (SWD), which poses a significant threat to the global soft fruit industry.

Tastiest year this century

Fruit Last edited 25/07/18
This year's British apple crop is set to be the 'tastiest year this century' but are there enough pickers to harvest this Autumn?

Kent fruit growers receive top wildlife conservation trophy

Fruit Last edited 16/07/18
Fruit growers who go above and beyond to make their farm as environmentally-friendly as possible have been honoured with a top award.

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