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Emerging threat from new tomato virus

Fruit Last edited 06/03/19
UK growers are being urged to look out for symptoms of a potential new virus that could be devastating to UK crops of tomatoes and peppers.

Innovative new willow woodchip trial to tackle apple scab in orchards launched

Fruit Last edited 04/03/19
Farmers are investigating willow woodchip mulch as an effective method of tackling apple scab in a new field lab with Innovative Farmers.

Extended shelf life for biological control agent

Fruit Last edited 27/02/19
BASF has invested heavily in their biological nematode factory in Littlehampton where the insect pathogenic nematodes Nemasys are produced.

Real-time leaf wetness sensor

Fruit Last edited 22/02/19
Sencrop has launched its real-time leaf wetness sensor which it claims will revolutionise disease and frost prediction for fruit growers.

New vegetable varieties to meet changing retail trends

Fruit Last edited 18/02/19
Syngenta’s Arend Schott highlights how vegetable varieties are being selected with attributes that best fit changing retail trends.

Farm expansion continues for AC Goatham & Son

Fruit Last edited 14/02/19
The UK’s largest top fruit grower keeps on growing as AC Goatham & Son has acquired it’s 28th farm in Kent.

Kent strawberry grows from strength to strength

Fruit Last edited 13/02/19
Malling Centenary strawberry success.

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