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Diagnosing tomato root mat disease

Fruit Last edited 15/03/17
A new diagnostic technique has been developed to identify tomato root mat disease infection in young tomato plants, enabling growers to respond before symptoms become severe.

Agrovista strengthens fruit agronomy team

Fruit Last edited 14/03/17
Two new appointments bring wealth of experience to Agrovista’s fruit agronomy team.

Research finds new apple canker treatments

Fruit Last edited 02/03/17
Two new fungicides have been found to treat apple canker and the latest integrated pest management (IPM) research shows promising results.

Fruit tree pruning and Mycorrhiza application service

Fruit Last edited 19/01/17
Agrovista has launched a new fruit tree pruning and mycorrhiza application service, in response to grower demand for a method to inoculate established orchards with beneficial soil fungi.

Investment in storage crucial for UK fruit industry

Fruit Malcolm Triggs Last edited 03/01/17
The fact that shoppers are able to buy a bag of Kent apples in May is a remarkable tribute to the science of fruit storage. Read about fruit storage and the options for growers.

New approach to pest control for top fruit

Fruit Last edited 03/01/17
The name RAK®3+4 may be new in the UK but this pheromone looks set to become very well-known as it seriously upsets the love life of male Codling and Tortrix moths!

Unique yellow apple

Fruit Last edited 01/12/16
Univeg is investing in a brand marketing campaign for the unique yellow apple, Opal, capitalising on a wider retailer focus on UK produce.

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