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Malling™ Fruits plant sales nearing 100 million in 2021

Fruit Last edited 07/02/22
Malling™ Fruits, the marketing brand for fruit varieties bred at NIAB EMR in Kent, saw record sales of its world-leading fruit varieties in 2021, with over 94 million plants sold.

Continued innovation drives orchard productivity

Fruit Last edited 02/08/21
From digital imagery to novel planting configurations, the HELIOS trials run by leading agronomy firm Hutchinsons are raising the bar for apple orchard management.

Robotic packer at the ‘core’ of apple producer’s automation

Fruit Last edited 03/02/21
Kent apple producer Adrian Scripps is leading the sector in terms of automation – and Brillopak’s award-winning UniPAKer robotic crate packing cell is the cornerstone of its intrepid approach.

Huge uncertainty remains for growers

Fruit Last edited 07/12/20
There's a warning that crops will "go rotten in the fields" if the Government doesn't find a solution to the seasonal workers crisis.


Fruit Last edited 05/10/20
Mini berries grown by Hugh Lowe Farms launch into Waitrose and Ocado.

Ripe for growth with substantial funding

Fruit Last edited 30/07/20
The fifth generation farming business acquired the trading assets of Newmafruit and was completed despite difficulties related to Covid-19 lockdown.

Two biological solutions in soft fruit

Fruit Last edited 14/05/20
In speciality crops, biologicals are the future.

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