RAMSAK can help you take advantage of the new legislation that has come into force regarding the conversion of redundant agricultural buildings. Assisting will all aspects; from legislation, planning, supply of materials, construction and plant hire to landscaping and, ultimately, its rental.

The legislation, which came into force in April 2014, will allow the conversion of farm buildings where they no longer needed for businesses. Development is restricted to up to three dwellings, without agricultural or other ties, through a simpler process than by applying for planning permission.

Increasing numbers of farms are investing in modern, more efficient agricultural buildings, which have left old livestock housing and farm buildings to go to ruin. New guidance announced by the Government will now allow farmers to turn unused agricultural buildings into homes. Experts claimed this can turn a cost into a potential new revenue stream.

In summary, the order creates a new class of permitted development ‘Class MB’, which allows change of use from agriculture to residential use. The changes are a great opportunity for farmers to use buildings to help solve rural housing shortage issues. National Planning Practice Guidance (NPPG) planners are keen for farmers to consider the provision, size, location and quality of houses required for older people in future, as it can be hugely difficult for households wishing to downsize to find smaller, more manageable homes they require.

The change of use for conversions avoids problems without agricultural occupancy conditions (AOCs) which often underpin rural buildings. AOCs prevent the sale of farm houses to owners unwilling to take on the land associated with the building for agricultural purposes.

The Government’s proposals will also allow the conversion of farm buildings into state funded schools and registered nurseries of up to 500 square metres.

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