Spring property review

Features Posted 26/04/21
Land launched early.

The spring land market got off to a very early start this year at Lambert & Foster, with exceptionally strong demand for farmland, woodland and amenity land throughout Kent and East Sussex during the winter months, writes Alan Mummery, Director, Lambert & Foster.

Some parcels of land were launched uncharacteristically early, in December and January, with the aim of selling before the Chancellor’s spring budget brought any changes to capital taxation.

Alan Mummery, Director of Lambert & Foster, who heads up farm and land sales, said: “Land we launched in early January found buyers very quickly, given the lack of land openly marketed. Open market sales saw competitive bidding, while off-market deals have often realised strong premiums for our clients.”

Blocks of agricultural land have seen strong interest from local farming buyers, rather than investors, as well as new interest from developers seeking land for biodiversity net gain.

Will Banham, of Lambert & Foster’s rural agency team, said: “Demand for amenity woodland and grazing land seems to be stronger than ever. Some buyers are showing an interest in ecology and carbon sequestration, while others have a strong desire for the lifestyle benefits land ownership can offer.

“Repeated lockdowns over the past year have really bolstered the number of buyers seeking land for genuine amenity use rather than a specific smallholding or equestrian interest.”

In spite of one of the busiest winters ever experienced by the rural agency team, and some great instructions lined up for this spring, demand continues to outstrip supply. If you have land in Kent or East Sussex that you are considering selling, please contact the team to discuss how we can assist.

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