The busy team, led by husband-and-wife partnership Gary and Donna Fielding, has now taken on another field-based engineer to cope with the increasing demands for servicing from customers across the Home Counties.

David Fowler brings the company’s servicing team to five, with four engineers out on the road and a fifth based at Pressure Clean’s new headquarters on the Bell Brook Industrial Estate, which also offers a well-stocked showroom and parts department.

“We are really pleased to welcome David to the Pressure Clean team,” Gary commented. “He has a lot of relevant experience and is a skilled engineer who will be a real asset to the line-up.”

The high demand for servicing follows a customer-focused initiative Gary came up with about ten years ago when he decided to offer pre-planned maintenance agreements on the wide range of Karcher, Nilfisk and Mac pressure washers, scrubber dryers and industrial vacuums the company sells.

At the time Gary joked that the reasonably priced maintenance deals were probably costing him money, since emergency repairs brought in more revenue, but as a customer benefit it quickly proved to be a winning strategy.

“It’s become a real area of growth for us, as customers value the peace of mind they get from knowing their machines will always be performing at their best, as well as enjoying the discounted rates they get for accessories and callouts, but it does keep us very busy,” Gary explained.

“Regularly serviced machines also work more efficiently and tend to last longer, and that’s something that is really attractive to our hard-pressed farming customers, who value reliability and can’t afford to wait around for a machine to be repaired.”

Pressure Clean has been supplying, repairing and servicing pressure washers and accessories across London, Hampshire, Sussex, Surrey and Kent for more than 50 years and has built a strong reputation for quality service.

Pressure washers come in all shapes and sizes, but Gary’s hard-won experience in the industry means he is well placed to recommend the best for the job. Pressure Clean sells hot and cold machines, most of which can be powered either by diesel or electricity, while static and cabinet models are also available.

Always happy to demonstrate the wide range of machines on offer, Gary tends to put a couple of alternatives in the back of the van when going out to see a farmer. “Farmers are often adamant that they know what they want, but if I know what it’s going to be used for, I will take along a few suggestions of my own – and they often end up going for the alternative,” he explained.

One model that has proved popular with farmers who want a portable machine that can provide exceptional cleaning power (literally) out in the field is Karcher’s HDS 1000 BE hot water pressure washer. Powered by a petrol-driven Honda pump with a diesel-fuelled hot water system, it is useful for washing down machinery in remote locations.

Static pressure washer systems are also becoming more popular with farmers, who value the extra longevity that comes with not being bounced across yards and uneven barn floors.

Floor or wall-mounted static systems are also protected against frost, which makes them less vulnerable than mobile systems, which can be costly to repair if the last farmhand to use it forgets to put it away for the night and leaves it to it sit outside in below zero temperatures.

“Farmers also appreciate the fact that there are fewer controls with a static system and so less temptation for multiple users to fiddle with the set up and potentially damage something,” said Gary. “They are user friendly, reliable and efficient, which is just what a busy farming set up needs.”

Again, there is plenty of choice available, depending on budget and on the use the equipment is being put to. “The Nilfisk SC Uno range is a popular indoor cold water model, while the Mac Plantmaster Revolution is a frost-protected hot water machine with an outstanding reputation,” Gary explained.

With the South East currently experiencing strong growth in viticulture, Pressure Clean offers a range of equipment that is ideal for keeping wineries spotlessly clean, and Gary and the team are exhibiting at this year’s Vineyard and Winery Show at Kent County Showground on 24 November.

The company, which has recently become an accredited supplier with the Fram Farmers buying group, has also seen several customers improving their cleaning regimes by purchasing accessories or upgrading their systems.

“We have had a lot of enquiries from farmers wanting to add a high-pressure retractable hose reel, which keeps the hose tidy and prevents it from being damaged,” said Gary. “We have also supplied a number of wash boom systems. These are fixed to a wall so that the farmer can drive up alongside, swing out the boom and use the washer without the hose getting tangled or stuck under a vehicle wheel.

“Pressure clean is also supplying a lot of foaming systems that apply the cleaning chemical more efficiently and improve the process. Entry level, bottle-based systems do a reasonably good job, but more and more users are now switching to industrial-style stainless steel lances with more robust valves. Once users realise the benefits of a decent foaming system they tend to upgrade their equipment, and we are here to advise on the best way forward.”