Crawley-based Pressure Clean, a Nilfisk Distribution Partner for more than a quarter of a century, has welcomed the newly launched Nilfisk MH pressure washer range.

The expanding company has built a strong reputation on its range of quality equipment and its determination to provide the right washer for the job, and owner Gary Fielding is confident that the hot water MH range will add to the options available.

“We have built our business on making sure we give people the right guidance on the best machine for the job and the new machines from Nilfisk have some excellent new features that we believe will be welcomed across our extensive customer base,” he said.

“The Nilfisk MH 3M and MH 4M models are packed with new design features that make a real difference when it comes to getting the job done easily with lower cost and a better result.”

Pressure Clean, which has recently expanded its premises on the Manor Royal Business Park to keep up with increasing demand for its sales, maintenance and repair services, supplies cleaning machines, spares and accessories across London, Surrey, Sussex, Kent and Hampshire.

The company was founded in 1970 and today Gary runs a team of fully trained field service engineers across the region, offering maintenance agreements designed to keep costs down and make sure that farmers get the best from their investment in his products.

Commenting on the new range, he said: “The Nilfisk development teams have focused on the mobility of the machine in use and in transport. Neat design features and a very efficient boiler make a big difference to the operation and overall result.”
The range features a new four-wheel design which lowers the machine’s centre of gravity, making the units easier to pull or push and ensuring they perform well on uneven surfaces, difficult agricultural environments or construction sites.

The low centre of gravity is enabled by a clever internal distribution of components that makes the units very easy to tip and steer from left to right. Transport is aided by a handy footplate at the rear of the unit. “Manoeuvrability has never been better,” added Gary.

On most occasions, cold water delivered at pressure is enough for the majority of cleaning tasks, but there are times when only hot water will do the job, particularly when oil or grease is present.

The MH models are fitted with a new boiler system that has been independently certified to be more than 92% efficient. The manufacturer claims that in EcoMode the unit will not only maintain excellent performance but reduce fuel costs into the bargain.

“Cleaning with hot water has been shown to significantly reduce cleaning time and therefore the associated labour cost,” Gary added. “Whole life running costs, including purchase cost, labour, water, fuel and service elements demonstrate a saving of over 26% compared to cold water only.

“With these new models, whether they are using cold or hot water the option for instant detergent is only a button push away.”

The new MH range delivers pump pressures up to 220 bar with both units featuring brass pump heads and three ceramic pistons. An easy to open cabinet provides direct access to the pump, which is protected by a large inlet water filter.

A control panel placed at eye level at the rear of the machine allows the operator to keep a close eye on all indicator levels, including oil tank and oil sight.

The new design also incorporates a unique spray gun holder that prevents the gun from being damaged during transport, while a turnable hook enables the power cable to be wound securely and hose reels can be mounted easily. There is a large storage box to provide extra flexibility and 90% of all components are recyclable.

“We are happy to provide a no obligation site survey and we regularly take two or three different machines on to farm to allow customers to work out the best machine for their application, said Gary.

“Even when the farmer thinks he knows what he wants we tend to put an alternative in the back of the vehicle just in case – and often we can save the customer money by coming up with a more appropriate but lower cost model.

“I am looking forward to showing off the features of these new Nilfisk machines and I am confident that they will prove exceptionally popular with many of our customers. We also have a large stock of machines in our showroom.”

While Pressure Clean has its own well equipped workshop and runs a full parts, servicing and repair operation, its current focus is on providing customers with maintenance agreements for its pressure washers – even though it has proved better for the customer than for Gary and his team.

“We introduced maintenance agreements because we knew it would give our customers a better way of keeping their equipment working as efficiently as possible without any expensive repair bills, and it has done just that,” he said.

“We are earning far less from emergency repairs and our customers are benefiting from lower bills and better-maintained equipment, but the upside for us is increased loyalty and more referrals from satisfied customers.

“In the case of one company which looks after many of the units at Smithfield Market in London and has eight of our pressure washers, we used to be called out two or three times a month to put right problems and make sure that the machines were working as well as possible.

“Now they are on one of our maintenance agreements we go out every three months, give the machines a thorough service and maintenance check and leave them to it. It was clearly a great decision for them because they are paying a lot less than they used to, and that’s why we suggested it.

“The benefit to us is that they are so pleased with the service that they have introduced us to a number of new customers, including the City of London Authority – and instead of changing suppliers every few years in search of a better deal, as they tended to do in the past, they have stuck with Pressure Clean.”