Having started out as a pressure washing cleaning company in the 1970s, Crawley-based Pressure Clean is today dedicated to providing farms across the South East of England with a range of machines which are both simple to operate but powerful in performance to make the cleaning routine as efficient, economical and easy as possible.

“From day one, Pressure Clean has used the Kärcher range,” said Gary Fielding, who took over the ownership of Pressure Clean in September 2017 after working for the firm for 19 years. “As one of the manufacturer’s key UK-based customers, Pressure Clean was approached by Kärcher around 30 years ago and asked the owners at the time if they would be interested in selling and maintaining the machines. We became one of their first British dealers and haven’t looked back since.”

As the manufacturer has been keen to invest heavily in research and development over the decades, the range of pressure washers and accessories on offer has improved drastically to include robust solutions for the agricultural community looking to make light work of cleaning heavy duty dirt.

Daily use in tough conditions

Those looking for unlimited freedom and flexibility from a machine can benefit from Kärcher’s HD9/21 G, cold water pressure washer which has been designed to be completely mobile and self-sufficient thanks to a built-in Honda engine.

Being powered by petrol means that the machines can be operated without being connected to an external power supply and, with the aid of a water suction kit, the HD 9/21 G is also capable of drawing water from a trough or a barrel when there is no running water supply available.

“These petrol-powered machines are very useful for the agricultural sector,” said Gary. “Farmers often like them because there are no restrictions and you can take them anywhere. They have been specifically designed for daily use in tough conditions and the robust frame with puncture proof wheels offers maximum mobility and makes it easier to use on uneven ground.”

Even greater performance

One of the most popular machines with Pressure Clean’s agricultural customers is the HDS 10/20-4 M, hot pressure washer. This machine is equipped with 3-phase power supply, a 4-pole electric motor with 3 piston axial pump, two detergent tanks to allow quick changeover between cleaning agents with precise dosage, a highly efficient ‘eco!efficiency’ mode which operates at the most economical temperate range, and optimised burner cycles to reduce fuel consumption by up to 20%.

“Kärcher’s medium class machines set new standards in terms of technology, ease of use and economy,” said Gary. “The 3-phase power supply provides even greater performance and with water flow of up to 1000 litres per hour and up to 200 bar pressure, this is a great all-round machine with superb performance for both daily and deep cleaning tasks.”

Intensive, yet durable

Farmers looking for a 40 volt, cold-water pressure washer can opt for Kärcher’s classic HD 7/11-4 M Plus. With a high water flow and tough 4-pole low-speed, air-water-cooled electric motor this machine has been designed for intensive, yet durable use. For accurate and variable cleaning, the HD 7/11-4 M Plus is also equipped with Switch-CHEM, Kärcher’s two-way dosing valve which allows the user to change the cleaning agent, and the dose, at the turn of a dial.

“The HD 7/11-4 M Plus and all of the Kärcher industrial range comes with the EASY!Force high-pressure gun and EASY!Lock quick-release lock. The trigger gun remains a key selling point and anyone who has used one instantly knows Kärcher is in a different league,” said Gary.

Simplifying the process

Compatible with all Kärcher machines the EASY!Force gun, which was released last year, was developed to reduce hand fatigue. After moving the trigger to the back of the gun, once the safety lock has been pressed, the force of the water will push the gun into the ball of the operator’s hand, allowing them to keep working without the strain of gripping the trigger with their fingers.

The Easy!Lock system was also designed with operators in mind. The quadruple trapezoidal screw thread has completely simplified the process of switching between accessories as only one turn is now required to fully lock them into place.

“Whatever you need to do, Kärcher has something for it,” said Gary. “They’re a real one stop shop and alongside hundreds of accessories to choose from, they manufacturer one of the largest ranges of pressure washing machines. As a brand they are also very reliable and come with excellent machine back up and spare parts availability.”

Easily serviceable

While maintaining a machine through an agreement may seem like an added cost, proper upkeep can prevent performance from deteriorating over time and can increase the machine’s life span.

“With proper care and servicing, a Kärcher should last well over 10 years,” said Gary. “The research and effort put into design makes the machines serviceable. We will go out to the customer to service usually twice a year for a basic service, which includes pump oil, burner service and a portable appliance safety test, followed by a full service, which would include a full pump service.”

Having recently taken on new employee Tina Alfieri to look after sales and marketing, and to cope with an increasing number of new customers, Pressure Clean has taken on an additional office member of staff and increased its engineering team to five. With more people aware of the benefits of after care, Gary is also planning to expand the fleet of service vehicles to cover breakdowns and routine maintenance appointments across Essex, Kent, Surrey, Sussex and Hampshire.