For any farming business rooted in the top fruit industry the names Harry Lawrence and ICA are as much a part of your history as your tree nurseryman, your agronomist and your sales desk. People who have enabled you to develop your business, delivering innovation, improved quality, improving your returns and enabling you to remain competitive.

The business began in 1901 as a general building firm with the first apple store built in 1937 – these first stores were tin lined with grease plate seals, following the design of the first American models. Over the years first Lawrence King, then John and Andrew kept pace with the demands of the industry; innovating their business adding new storage technology, building and insulation designs and forming long term partnerships to develop their range of services. In preparing the articles for this special edition it became evident that the business is almost as much about the people involved as it is about their technical excellence.

The business remains committed to developing storage technology – energy efficiency and cost improvements are at the forefront of the business along with diversification into other lines. Low oxygen analysers for grain stores, sprout suppressing systems for onion and potato stores and tomato ripening systems through the partnership with the Restrain company continue to develop the scope of the business. The instrument division has been busy recruiting new staff in order to facilitate export development with a new sales director within STS focussed on air conditioning and refrigeration off shore.

It’s 20 years since Harry Lawrence was reborn as International Controlled Atmosphere, the pace of development and innovation has never slowed and shows no sign of changing in the next 20 either.

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