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Regenerative farming, natural wine making and tourism

Features Nigel Akehurst Last edited 17/08/20
This month Nigel visits Tillingham at Dew Farm in Peasmarsh, East Sussex to meet co-founder and wine maker Ben Walgate to learn more about his unique offering of natural wines and tourism.

Transformed into quality housing

Features Last edited 22/07/20
A dated farmhouse, a cow shed and an old farm machinery store have been transformed into quality housing.

Improving life for owners and cows

Features Malcolm Triggs Last edited 22/07/20
Although two new robotic milkers have taken away the hard graft of early morning starts, they haven’t reduced the time spent with the 120-strong herd.

Nurturing the most valuable asset

Features Nigel Akehurst Last edited 21/07/20
The soil health journey is at the heart of everything The Welford Estate does. Their goal is combining farm productivity and profitability while nurturing their most valuable asset – the soil. Nigel Akehurst interviewed farm manager Rob Waterston to find out more.

Choice of cultivation has become increasingly important

Features Malcolm Triggs Last edited 20/07/20
As farmers continue to seek more cost effective, productive and environmentally friendly methods of working the soil, so the choice of cultivation becomes increasingly important.

Impressive new headquarters

Features Malcolm Triggs Last edited 24/06/20
The state-of-the-art new headquarters at Berry Gardens was finished early and handed over on time and on budget.

Big fan of hay

Features Malcolm Triggs Last edited 22/06/20
Oliver Field has grown his business while continuing to focus on making hay

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