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Drying grain quickly and efficiently

Features Last edited 30/03/21
Being able to dry grain quickly and efficiently is vital, particularly when changing weather patterns are making harvests unpredictable at best.

Wild for rewilding

Features Nigel Akehurst Last edited 30/03/21
Nigel Akehurst visits Knepp Estate in West Sussex to find out more about a pioneering rewilding project and new plans to start a companion regenerative farm.

Transition: 7 years to change?

Features Last edited 30/03/21
Do you and your business have a robust and flexible strategy to get you through to 2027 and beyond?

Busy as ever with impressive range

Features Malcolm Triggs Last edited 30/03/21
New premises and new models, allied to the same focus on customer service and attention to detail, is keeping one of the South East’s leading suppliers of premier cleaning equipment as busy as ever.

Working in partnership with nature

Features Malcolm Triggs Last edited 30/03/21
South East Farmer talks to James Smith of Loddington Farm.

Network of highly skilled professional trainers

Features Malcolm Triggs Last edited 01/03/21
Delivering a bespoke service that combines personal knowledge with a network of highly skilled, professional trainers in an unbeatable range of land-based disciplines.

Totting up demand for local produce

Features Nigel Akehurst Last edited 01/03/21
Nigel Akehurst meets Sarah Wareham at Tottingworth Farms, a third-generation family business raising award winning cattle and sheep alongside an abattoir, farm shop and cafe.

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