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Exporting still pays

Features Last edited 02/09/14
Even if you need to raise finance to fund the capital cost, solar PV is a good investment

Trusted rural advisors for over 25 years

Features Last edited 02/09/14
This year, BTF Partnership officially celebrates 25 years working with clients in the South East.

Reliable, no-nonsene equipment with high level of service

Features Last edited 02/09/14
Top end tractors may be impressive, but they are more expensive to buy and are often too complex to be worked on in the field with a few basic tools.

Farm founded on the need for a bath

Features John Harvey Last edited 07/08/14
Being close to London and with lots of passing traffic, Whipley Manor Farm in Surrey is ripe for its next phase of diversification. A loan from NatWest Bank is helping with the project to secure the 300 acre home farm for future generations.

Consolidation of packhouses

Features Last edited 07/08/14
This packhouse is really important, not just for the growers but also for the Society of Growers Topfruit (SGT) and Tesco, changing the way we work, bringing everything closer to the grower and packer so we keep a compacted straight line of supply and management

Making life easier for the customer

Features Last edited 07/08/14
New ideas in farming generally help either the producer – by cutting costs or making life easier – or the customer, by giving him or her a better deal

Water storage solutions at no cost

Features Last edited 07/08/14
When it comes to a business deal that really does work well for both sides, P J Brown (Construction) Ltd’s offer to farmers takes some beating.

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