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Solar is long term investment

Features Malcolm Triggs Last edited 06/07/15
A gilt-edged investment that helps to safeguard a business’s energy supply, cuts costs dramatically and plays well with customers sounds too good to be true, but has become a reality for an increasing number of farmers and farm businesses.

Imaginative approach to tricky challenges

Features Malcolm Triggs Last edited 06/07/15
A new workshop on the outskirts of Ashford in Kent was designed and built by Page Surveyors working with contractors led by Wealden AM.

Good time to end milk quotas

Features John Harvey Last edited 06/07/15
On the end of the farmhouse wall at Kingston Hill Farm in Oxfordshire is a plaque. It is from the old Countryside Commission, and congratulates Poul Christensen for combining conservation with a successful dairy farm. Today, the 1,320 acre business – which is mostly rented from St Johns College, Oxford – is run by Poul’s son David, who has lost none of his father’s enthusiasm for keeping an eye on profit and the environment.

Focusing on health

Features Malcolm Triggs Last edited 22/06/15
The veterinary group has seen rapid growth by focusing on its customers and helping them in circumstances where other businesses might take a more hard nosed approach.

How I joined Churchill’s secret army

Features John Harvey Last edited 22/06/15
Chandler & Dunn Ltd is a large mixed farming, family run business which started in 1809 when Peter Chandler bought 28 acres at Lower Goldstone, Ash in Kent. Today’s business began as a partnership after George Dunn married Winifred Chandler in 1922 and the limited company was established in 1954.

All part of the service when help is needed

Features Malcolm Triggs Last edited 22/06/15
He may work for a national parts business that stocks 25,000 lines in 15,000 square feet of warehouse space, but that doesn’t stop Stuart Hunt going out of his way to help a customer identify exactly what he needs when a vital piece of farming equipment is missing a spare part.

Pub supports organic farm and brewery

Features John Harvey Last edited 08/05/15
Bernard and Mary Harris run an integrated food business based on their organic farm. But they also run a pub, restaurant and hotel which supports the farm and a local brewery.

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