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Going beyond farming to support businesses

Features Malcolm Triggs Last edited 03/10/14
Managing partner Mark Weaver is proud of the advice CLM has delivered to farmers and landowners over the past ten years – but he is even more proud of what it has done for businesses in general.

New riding school build is a “first class job”

Features Malcolm Triggs Last edited 03/10/14
It may have taken him nine years, but Geoff White finally works for the company that boasts his name on the side of its vans.

New boss at fruit farm

Features John Harvey Last edited 03/10/14
Big changes are under way at Hill Farm Orchards in Hampshire after William Dobson took over as managing director. Costs are being controlled as the business comes to terms with difficult market conditions.

Demand increasing for cobnut products

Features Malcolm Triggs Last edited 03/10/14
The mild, wet and virtually frost-free winter of 2013/14 has proved good news for Kent’s cobnut growers, who are looking forward to a bumper harvest of the increasingly-popular product.

Farm started with milk round

Features John Harvey Last edited 02/09/14
Randall Farms Ltd in Berkshire is on light soils and has decided on a complete break from the past. In future, a combination of modern technology and almost no cultivations will be used to improve the soil and make the arable crops healthier. The results so far look promising.

Securing storage for the future

Features Last edited 02/09/14
ICA/STS projects: AC Hulme / Simon Bray

Exporting still pays

Features Last edited 02/09/14
Even if you need to raise finance to fund the capital cost, solar PV is a good investment

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