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Turning old farm buildings into assets

Features Last edited 03/12/14
RAMSAK, the Ring of Agricultural Machinery in Sussex and Kent, gives advice about new legislation covering the conversion of redundant farm buildings.

Planners have approved food hub

Features John Harvey Last edited 06/11/14
At Court Farm in Kent, Andrew Lingham is planning a food hub to bring in customers and add value to his business. The hub will build on the success of a thriving butchery and farm shop.

Range of services is wider than ever

Features Malcolm Triggs Last edited 06/11/14
With offices in Dorking, Horley, Reigate and Oxted, White & Sons has a range of professional services for farmers and landowners.

Reducing the country’s dependency on carbon-based energy

Features Malcolm Triggs Last edited 06/11/14
A 7,500 tonne Grainstore compelte, St Nicholas Court Farm is now working with a German company to build an anaerobic digester which can produce enough gas to supply 4,000 homes.

Teamwork is the key

Features Malcolm Triggs Last edited 06/11/14
Bob Kendall and Scorpion built the first grain store for the Batchelor family in 2000 and they have subsequently built two more.

As much about the people as their technical excellence

Features Sarah Calcutt Last edited 03/10/14
20th anniversary special report

Going beyond farming to support businesses

Features Malcolm Triggs Last edited 03/10/14
Managing partner Mark Weaver is proud of the advice CLM has delivered to farmers and landowners over the past ten years – but he is even more proud of what it has done for businesses in general.

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