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It’s a wrap

Features Victoria Rose Last edited 29/03/19
When it came to selecting the right team to work on its new Land Rover Discovery vehicle graphics, the team at South East Farmer and Farm Machinery wanted to find somewhere local with an unbeatable level of expertise.

Liquid gold

Features Victoria Rose Last edited 29/03/19
Kent’s award-winning diversification project, Dudda’s Tun, proves fruitful in saving the family farm.

Pressure washer with hot benefits

Features Victoria Rose Last edited 25/02/19
Keeping your site, equipment and machinery in tip top condition can be a challenge.

Raising farm income

Features Last edited 25/02/19
How to make your diversification successful.

Innovative approach

Features Malcolm Triggs Last edited 25/02/19
At Lillico Attlee, an innovative approach to country store retailing looks set to see the company’s stores not only survive but thrive well into the future.

Cybercrime –  a worrying new risk

Features Last edited 28/01/19
Cybercrime is a new and worrying risk warns Roger Morgan, managing director of Farm & General Insurance.

Pet sector provides land potential

Features Victoria Rose Last edited 28/01/19
The UK’s pet care sector demonstrates huge growth potential, and the nation’s leading provider of day care for dogs is on the hunt for land to rent in the South East, to provide landowners and farmers with an exciting diversification opportunity.

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