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Added value in store

Features Victoria Rose Last edited 12/11/18
How co-operation, a well configured supply chain and specialist grain storage facilities are delivering significant savings and added value to arable farmers across Kent, Sussex and Surrey

Feeding demand

Features Victoria Rose Last edited 12/11/18
Ashford’s new agricultural and animal feeds store supplies a return to normality for East Kent’s farmers.

Hot weather hit spring bean crop

Features John Harvey Last edited 12/11/18
Burgate Farm is hidden away at the end of a long drive in woodland near Godalming in Surrey. Here, Peter Knight runs a large, efficient business. He keeps an eye on the big changes facing UK agriculture.

The vanguard of long-term storage technology

Features Victoria Rose Last edited 01/10/18
Having successfully increased orchard production twofold over the last five years, A C Hulme and Sons has further extended its storage facilities and with a keen eye on the future of the fruit industry, opted to invest in the latest dynamic controlled atmosphere (DCA) technology.

Venturing into Viticulture

Features Last edited 01/10/18
With the growing success of the UK’s viticulture scene, South East Farmer takes another look at how lucrative this sector can be for farmers seeking to diversify.

Compromised by a lack of storage

Features Victoria Rose Last edited 01/10/18
While most growers across the region only put up new buildings to protect the quality of their stored fruit, Robert Mitchell Farms has invested in a store to increase the lifespan and quality of its bins.

Seeking land fur rent

Features Victoria Rose Last edited 01/10/18
The nation’s leading provider of day care for dogs is now looking for land to rent in the South East to help facilitate expansion and meet the growing demand for this relatively new concept.

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