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It’s show time

Features Victoria Rose Last edited 27/06/19
As the Kent County Agricultural Society prepare to celebrate and host the 90th Kent County Show, South East Farmer takes a look at how the event has evolved over the years, becoming a shop window for the Garden of England; connecting farmers and the agricultural industry with those that live in and around the Kent countryside.

Presenting the NextGen

Features Victoria Rose Last edited 27/06/19
It's essential for the next generation to have a stronger voice.

Moving weed establishment findings

Features Last edited 28/05/19
Regular readers of South East Farmer will have been following the progress of Total Crop Solutions’ scientific trials since the first update in December 2018.

Packed with pride

Features Victoria Rose Last edited 28/05/19
Top fruit pack house, Cottage Farms, has significantly invested in cold storage, mobile racking units and end of line automation to keep up with the growing demand for UK fruit as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Horses to horsepower

Features Victoria Rose Last edited 28/05/19
Haynes has come a long way since its first tractor sale as it celebrates 100 years.

Family tree bears fruit with fifth generation farmer

Features Last edited 28/05/19
Since swapping her office job in sports analysis for a role at her family’s fruit farm, Alex Myatt, 25, has set a new goal - making small improvements which improve efficiency and taste. Katherine Simmons reports.

Taking control of rising electricity costs

Features Victoria Rose Last edited 26/04/19
As the price of electricity remains on a steep upward trajectory, there has never been a better time to invest in solar.

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