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Sign up to webinar on colostrum quality and piglet performance

Events Posted 02/06/21
With one week to go, Lallemand Animal Nutrition and AHDB are inviting the pig industry to join them for an insightful webinar delving into one of the most important aspects of pig production, colostrum quality.

The webinar, ‘Colostrum quality: a golden opportunity to improve piglet performance’ will take place on 8 and 9 June and feature presentations from Mandy Nevel, head of animal health and welfare at AHDB, and Mark McFarland, feed additive product manager at Lallemand Animal Nutrition.

“Colostrum quality in pigs is often overlooked in the UK and Ireland, but it can have a profound effect on piglet viability and long-term health,” explains Mark.

“The nutrients and antibodies found in colostrum are directly responsible for providing immunity and energy to piglets.

“During the webinar, we’ll be discussing how to improve colostrum quality, with practical on-farm management tips, as well as the role nutrition plays in sow production,” says Mark.

With over 30 years’ experience in the pig industry, Mandy Nevel will also look at the differences between indoor and outdoor units, and the three Qs of feeding colostrum: quantity, quality and quickly.

“We know how important colostrum is for piglets, to maintain body temperature as well as protect them from diseases, but it also provides a huge opportunity to ensure better health for the future,” says Mandy.

“However, factors like the quantity of colostrum consumed and how quickly after birth it is consumed will significantly impact the vitality of the piglet so it’s really vital producers get this right.”

The webinar will feature expert presentations followed by a live Q&A session on the following topics:

  • Colostrum importance and implications on piglet viability
  • Colostrum management and best practice tips including the 3 Q’s: quantity, quality, quickly
  • Differences between indoor and outdoor colostrum management
  • Heat stress implications on colostrum

There will be two sessions, 8 June from 7pm-8pm and 9 June from 9am-10pm. To sign up to one of the sessions click here

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