This year Pitchfork Events (part of the RAMSAK Group) in conjunction with The Kent Showground and South East Farmer magazine welcomes you to Agri-Expo 2017, the event for agriculture, plant, landscape and amenity in the South East, writes Hugh Goldsworthy, director of Pitchfork Events Ltd and chairman of The RAMSAK Group.

We very much hope Agri-Expo gives you the opportunity of meeting old and new friends as well as the suppliers of machinery, inputs, advice and support to help you in the years of change ahead.

Agri-Expo has come a long way since its first show in 2011 and we are very proud that it continues to grow and increasingly becomes not just an event that you simply want to come to, but one that you need to attend, with technology, innovation and advice in one place to help support your evolving business needs.

With Brexit, Brexit and for good measure a bit more Brexit, still ringing in many farmers ears, that familiar word will continue to define farming for the coming generations in UK agriculture. To that end this year the 2017 Keynote discussion hosted by BTF Partnership, in the Astor Pavilion, will be ‘A UK without Farm Subsidies – preparing farming for after Brexit’. It will serve as an important meeting to attend with a wealth of expertise, focus and I am sure informed predictions to help any subsidy recipient plan for the future.

The RAMSAK group becomes an ever more rounded company offering members a huge range of services and products across Southern England, the UK and also into Europe enabling members to access additional markets for products such as forage and energy generation feedstocks or commodities such as fuel, chemicals, fertilisers, machinery hire and contracting services.

Agri-Expo has become one of, if not the largest ‘farmer owned’ agricultural machinery shows in the UK and demonstrates in part how RAMSAK can become a cornerstone of any farming business supporting additional markets, inputs, machinery services as well as bringing farmers informally together for events such as ‘The Farmers Ball’ held annually in the Autumn.

We would also like to thank Home Counties Fuels who are this year’s main show sponsor. HCF provide our members with a reliable cost efficient fuel service and we are very proud to work in conjunction with them.

On behalf of the whole team involved in Agri-Expo, we wish all our visitors an enjoyable and informative day. Please remember this is your show, so if there is something you would like to see, then do come and speak to the organisers.

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