As my favourite of the agricultural shows it has managed to maintain it’s true values being a relaxing day out, great for catching up with some old faces but also keeping agriculture at the forefront of the weekend.

Despite awful weather on the bank holiday Monday, smiling faces were seen throughout the ring with nobody letting the bad weather put a dampener on the day.

The large proportion of young people taking part indicates a secure future for both the show ring and the industry itself.

As a proud ex-jersey cow owner I was delighted to see a Jersey coming third in the dairy championships up against some true milk machines showing the breed is still highly thought of with it’s quality over quantity approach to milk production.

The National Vegetable Society display saw growers compete against one another boasting onions bigger than my head and carrots almost as long as my legs, making any amateur vegetable grower turn broccoli green with envy.

Always appreciative of a heavy horse one class I couldn’t take myself away from was the ridden shire horses. These gentle giants thundered around the ring and at times I wondered if they would be able to stop. Quite different from their original days of plodding along in front of a plough.

This year saw a section devoted to vintage farm machinery and managed to capture how much farming has advanced since before the days of the self driving tractor and combines equipped with mini fridges.

As a two day event packed evenly with agriculture, countryside, equine, machinery and tasting local delights in the food marquee it makes it the perfect day out for all.

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