New Axial Pro gives an all-in-one easier to use high performance grass weed herbicide. The formulation now has a built-in adjuvant, which has eliminated the need for additional wetter.

Repeated trials over several seasons have shown Axial Pro delivers the high levels of grass weed control previously achieved with Axial + Adigor, but is simpler and quicker to use.

The highly effective wetter technology incorporated into Axial Pro has been shown to deliver fast initial uptake of the active ingredient into all key target grass weeds.

In rye-grass, for example, Axial Pro achieved 85% of total uptake into the leaf within three hours of application in biokinetic studies.

Syngenta Field Technical Manager, James Southgate, highlighted that rye-grass is an ever greater challenge for many UK arable farms. “Rye-grass is proving even more competitive against wheat yields than black-grass.

“Populations are increasing and establish faster in open autumn conditions. Furthermore, there are increasing incidences of reduced herbicide efficacy being recorded.”

James added that pinoxaden has proven extremely consistent and given high performance against differing rye-grass populations in comparative field studies.

“The DEN chemistry in Axial Pro is not affected by resistance in the same way as ‘fops’, such as fenoxaprop or clodinafop,” he pointed out. DEN chemistry has also demonstrated superior control of both wild oats and rye-grass, compared to sulfonylureas.

“Investing in higher rates of herbicide use now is recognised as a key measure to minimise the risk of resistance developing in the future,” he advocated.

Autumn rye-grass treatment with Axial Pro will also control any emerged wild oat plants. Application rates of 0.6 l/ha, for smaller rye-grass targets, up to GS22, will also give effective control of wild oats up to GS29, advised James. A higher rate of 0.82 l/ha is recommended for rye-grass weeds over GS22.

Growers are reminded that they have until June 2019 to use up existing stocks of original Axial in stores. All new supplies onto farm will now be Axial Pro.