Available on the Syngenta UK website and as free downloads for Android, iPhone and iPad, the latest hybrid barley calculator app allows users to select a Hyvido hybrid and a conventional variety, and derive an estimate of the potential extra return on investment from growing either one in their region, says Syngenta seed campaign manager, Mark Bullen.

Based on AHDB Recommended List yield data, it also allows users to select an appropriate grain price, and takes into account a higher seed cost for hybrid seed, Mr Bullen explains.

In addition, other potential benefits of growing a hybrid, such as the value of extra black-grass suppression and the value of a yield boost in oilseed rape grown after a hybrid, can also be factored in, if relevant, he notes.

“Growing a vigorous-developing hybrid can bring numerous benefits, not just yield,” says Mr Bullen. “So it is useful for growers to be able to easily assess the overall value of a hybrid if thinking of switching. As the price of seed for a conventional winter barley variety increases, a hybrid can look even more financially attractive.”

The hybrid barley calculator app can be found on the Syngenta UK website at www.syngenta.co.uk/hyvido-calculator where there are also links to access free downloads for Android, iPhone and iPad versions.