The SlugWatch app, developed in conjunction with Farming Online, offers growers the opportunity to view location-specific slug activity data, along with information on weather conditions, helping them to make informed decisions on slug monitoring and applying slug pellets.

Geoffrey Bastard, technical specialist at Certis, explains that the launch of the app builds on the SlugWatch email updates which have been going for four years, and adds real-time data and threshold numbers from AICC, allowing year on year comparisons by region.

“Having this service available in an app format allows access to live slug pressure information at the touch of a button, while out on-farm,” he says.

He explains that the new app also allows the user to input their own trapping data, which helps to create a bespoke slug activity forecast for the area.

“By using this data, the app is more accurate and tailored to each situation, not only for the farmer but for other farms in the area. Over time this will allow growers to monitor their slug numbers to spot trends or particular problem areas,” he says.

He adds that the added benefit of weather forecast data means better informed decisions on responsible slug pellet application can be made.

“If slug pressure is high and rain is also forecast, you would be better placed to use a high-quality and durable ferric phosphate slug pellet, such as Sluxx HP to effectively control the pest.”

The app is now available to download from the Apple and Android app stores.