The Sbi Lambada, carrying 63,000 tonnes of grain, was loaded by Openfield at the Portbury Grain Terminal and brings the total volume of grain exported by the co-op through the port this marketing year to more than 750,000 tonnes.

The sale of wheat to the USA is a rare occurrence given that the US is itself one of the largest exporters, but over the past few years it has imported a several cargoes of feed wheat when the market conditions allow and to support the need to manage internal logistics.

“When the market circumstances are suitable for the USA to import feed wheat then the UK is a suitable market for the USA to consider. It values the traceability and reliability within the UK supply chain, and the ability to source grain for specific cargoes from members’ farms and stores across the south west is a supporting factor in US importers’ purchasing decisions,” says David Doyle, Openfield head of trading.

So far this marketing year Openfield has exported more than 1.5 million tonnes of grain from ports around the UK with the main destinations being in Europe, but also to customers in North Africa & the Middle East.